Where do you deliver

We have expanded our delivery areas to better serve you! Springhill Beef Co now delivers to a wider range of locations, ensuring more of you can enjoy our premium products. Here's where we deliver:


  • Sydney Areas: South West, Inner West, City and Inner South, Eastern Suburbs, Inner South West, North Sydney and Hornsby, Northern Beaches, Outer South West, Outer West and Blue Mountains, Parramatta, Ryde, Blacktown, Baulkham Hills and Hawkesbury, Sutherland.

WEDNESDAY Deliveries:

  • Hunter Valley including Newcastle & Maitland, Central Coast, Central West, New England and North West, Mid North Coast.

THURSDAY Deliveries:

  • Southern Highlands, Central Coast, and Shoalhaven.

FRIDAY Deliveries:

  • Australian Capital Territory, Illawarra.

If you're outside these areas, please get in touch, and we'll do our best to accommodate your order. Our goal is to bring Springhill Beef Co's quality meats directly to your door, no matter where you are.

What is pasture raised

Pasture raised means the animals are raised completely on pasture, free to forage and run as animals are supposed to. The way animals used to be raised

How often do you deliver

We now deliver weekly! See above for delivery days!

More information can be found here

Where are you located

Springhill is located near Gresford in the Hunter Valley NSW on the Paterson River and at the foothills of the Barrington Tops national park.

Do you use chemicals

No we are chemical free on all our pastures. We do not use vaccinations or chemicals on our animals either as we utilize a holistic approach to our farming

Do you use synthetic fertlisers

No we use natural alternatives to fertilise our paddocks such as worm juice and fish emulsion

What is multispecies pastures

Multi species pastures are when we sow a very diverse seed mix with a range of grasses, cereals, legumes and herbs.this builds diversity which attracts beneficial insects and also builds soil and cycles nutrients from different levels in the soils, building a more resilient, healthy pasture

What type of cattle do you have

Black angus

How long can the delivery sit out for

We use specialised packaging which ensures your meat is safe to sit at your front door for over 3 hours

How long will the meat last in the fridge

All our meat is cryovac packed to ensure freshness.this means it is safe to keep in the fridge for about a week (sausages and mince are fine for 3-5 days before you should freeze them)

Chicken products- if your not planning on eating them in the next few days they should be frozen.

*Please note that if the meat has a bone in it, it can give off an odour when initially opened. Place in your fridge for a couple of hours once taken out of the packaging and the smell will disperse.

How is the meat packed

All our meat is cryovac packed to ensure freshness, it is then labelled so you can easily identify the product and weight etc

What is regenerative practices

Regenerative practices are where we are improving the land under our management, it goes beyond sustaining the current conditions.

What is the delivery process

Once your order is received you will be notified of your delivery date. You will then receive a text message the night before to give you an idea of time for delivery. Your order will then be delivered by our refrigerated courier to your door. If no one is home it will be left near your door (where it will remain cool in our packaging for 5 hours) and an image will be sent to you via text