premium produce

Our family farm

We've learnt that producing great quality meat products take time, effort and commitment to farming sustainably.

Our aim is to give transparency on the paddock to plate journey of all our products, giving peace of mind on how your meat was produced.

The Springhill difference

  • 100% Grass Fed

    All our animals are fed entirely from the grass in our own paddocks on Springhill farm, delivering incredible richness of flavour in our meat products.

  • Paddock to Plate

    We manage the entire journey of products from our paddocks to your plate, so we can be sure you are getting the highest quality fresh produce.

  • Regenerative Farming

    At Springhill we use regenerative farming methods, focusing on regenerative soil practices & increasing biodiversity, to strengthen the health and vitality of our land.


Taste of the farm box

Our biggest box containing several prime options, including two Scotch fillets & 2 prime sirlons, ideal for a weekend treat or grilling over hot coals. Through to high quality, delicious staples such as minced beef, sausages and bacon.

Our customers are saying

  • I've had a number of orders from Springhill now and I've never been disapointed. Exceptional tase and meat quality everytime.

  • The meat boxes Springhill provide are such good value for the quality of meat in them, highly recommend trying.

  • We used Springhill to provide meat for our wedding, we couldnt be happier with how professional there service was and how nice all their meat tasted.